TFS and SVN Documentation

Full disclosure: I have been working with Subversion for a number of years. I’d consider myself a Subversion evangelist. I often have an aversion to how Microsoft approach things.

I’ve recently been looking in to Team Foundation Version Control, since we’re adopting it in my organisation. Some other teams in the organisation are already using it, but the team I am in is not.  In the past, at previous positions, I have been responsible for synthesizing usage policies and best practices for lots of tools, including Subversion. I have also trained other team members (and sometimes superiors) in tool usage. This included things like forcing commit messages, to understanding branching and merging. My current role includes these responsibilities (including a lot more process-oriented guidance).

I am astounded at the lack of usage documentation there is for TFVC available on the Internet (i.e. not in books, since I haven’t had the chance to read any). The Subversion book must rank as one of the best pieces of documentation for an open source product around. It really does contain a wealth of well-written information on not only how to administer Subversion (I’ve seen plenty of guides on installing TFS), but how to use it – especially the ‘Daily usage guide’.  Things like how to set up working copies, committing, updating, resolving conflicts, branching and merging. The corresp0nding MSDN documentation is very very thin in this regard.

Has anyone else had this issue?

Can you recommend some resources for me?


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