Branch-per-version Workflow in TFS

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Hi, I am having trouble with the workflows involved in a branch-per-version (release) scenario. I have a Subversion background, so my understanding of how TFS works may be ‘biased’ towards Subversion.

Our policy involves branching-per-version and branching-per-feature. Typically, changes will be developed in a feature branch (whether new features, bugs etc). Once complete, these feature branches will be merged into trunk (mainline) and the branch deleted. For a deployment, the changes made in each branch will be merged onto the last deployed version. This ‘patched’ version will then be branched as the new version. This requires that the new version branch be created from the workspace, and not from a latest version in the repository. When we try perform a branch from the workspace version, the opposite of what we expect occurs.

Let’s assume that I have a release branch version-1.0.0. A production bug is reported, and the bug is fixed in mainline as changeset 25. I now want to apply changeset to version 1.0.0 to create version 1.0.1. So I open my workspace copy of the version-1.0.0 branch and perform a merge of mainline changeset 25 onto the branch. Now, the change is correctly applied to my workspace copy, and the relvant files have been changed and are checked out. Then, in the source control explorer, I branch the version-1.0.0 branch to a new branch caleld version-1.0.1, and I choose to branch it from the workspace. When I check this change in, what happens is that changeset 25 is applied to the version-1.0.0 branch, and NOT to the version-1.0.1 branch as expected. That is, version-1.0.1 looks like version-1.0.0 before the change, and version-1.0.0 contains the change.

The same happens if I create a label from the merged workspace copy.

Effectively what we’re trying to achieve is simulate a ‘tag’ in Subversion (which are just branches anyway with some extra semantics).

I’d like some guidance on how to apply ‘hotfixes’ to a version branch to create a new version branch, and not change the ‘original’ or baseline version.